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You will lose
Our Writings

You are going to lose

Very often, we set out to do something good, something great for God and for ourselves, and we realize that while we’re at it, we

Joy and sorrow
They said it

But we can never be united…

Sorrow was beautiful, but her beauty was the beauty of the moonlight shining through the leafy branches of the trees in the wood, and making

the boy who learnt from his job


It was a morning like any other. The little boy stood at the threshold, watching his father begin to work in the courtyard. The boy

Kerala floods
Our Writings

What the Kerala Floods taught us

It’s been a strange and surreal week facing the devastating, shocking disaster of the Kerala floods. There are no real words for the sorrow for

admit your need for help
They said it

Are you willing to admit your need?

“Back in the day, when a ship sailed into the treacherous waters, often the captain had to acknowledge that he lacked the sufficient knowledge of

Afraid of becoming irrelevant
Our Writings

Afraid of becoming irrelevant

One of my biggest fears is the fear of becoming irrelevant. There’s a part of me that tends to lean towards the idea that I

Paul was untouchable

The Untouchable Man

You there! You’re going to be bound and tied. I am ready not only to be in chains, but also to die. (Acts 21:13) You’re

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