My struggle with sexuality – and the power of love

Supriya Balasundaram

Love changes everything “My earliest memories of my Christian upbringing include morning family prayers, going to church on Sundays, attending Sunday school and taking part in VBS. In all of this, however, I also recall that I felt a distinct sense of “otherness” within me. No matter how much I tried to belong, whether it was […]

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Nestin Vas Justice Ventures Awe and Wonder

Last year, I had the opportunity to work on a fundraiser 5km run for Justice Ventures, an organization that works to combat human trafficking and bonded labour in India, China and Nepal. At the time, there was a lot of confusion on whether the run was needed at all, and if I’d be the one spearheading it […]

ARE YOU REAL GOD? – A World Blood Donor Day Testimony

Allan Dason Daniel testimony blood donation

“Last June, around this time, my sister was diagnosed with dengue. She was admitted in the local hospital immediately and treatment began. We tried different things to get the fever to reduce but none of it worked. Of course, my family was praying but we knew these were the usual dengue symptoms and we weren’t […]

From Tainted to Spotless – Molly Moore Koon

Molly Moore Khoon testimony

“You are dirty” “You are unlovable” “You are tainted” Almost a decade ago, I was in an extremely abusive relationship. Verbally. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. And yes, (as I anticipate typing the next word, every muscle in my body tenses) sexually. I went to school with bruises, lying to my friends, teachers and parents about where they […]

Questioning my way to Jesus… by Pavitra Viswanath

Pavithra Vishwanath Testimony

“I went to a school in India run by catholic nuns. During my schooling, although I was taught morals (for which I’m thankful), I learned nothing about the Person of Jesus Christ — that He is fully God who came in human flesh 2000 years ago — and His finished work of substitutionary death on […]

The Saint who changed my life forever… by Rahel Chakola

Rahel Chakola testimony

“This is a story about a person named Austin Orji. Actually, it’s a story about Jesus who used a person named Austin gloriously. Austin came to India from Nigeria in June 2014 to pursue his career goals. He joined the company I was working at as an intern, in order to learn how to impact […]

Delays are not denials – In memory of Molly Zachariah

the testimony of Molly Zachariah

“Is there any prayer that is not answered – sooner or later, directly or indirectly? I think there is nothing called an unanswered prayer and I am speaking from experience. But first- let us see what the Bible says about this. In the story of the raising of Lazarus in the Bible (St. John 11), the prayer […]