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why be strong and take courage?
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Why should you be strong and courageous?

“Be strong. Be courageous. Believe in yourself. You’ve got this.” We’ve probably heard this, or something like this said to us before. We’ve read it

stop romanticizing the past
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Stop romanticizing the past

Over the last week, I’ve been studying the book of Exodus and by chapter 14, a lot of interesting stuff has gone down. Moses has

looking out the window poem by Melissa Monteiro

Looking out the window

Looking out the windowThe intimidating looming shadows point fingers her wayAfraid, she pulls awayHiding from the reprimanding figures The darkness is a constant reminder of her

negative publicity ruins hard work
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Negative publicity ruining hard work

Over the past few days, we’ve had the privilege of serving the people who’ve been most hit by the coronavirus pandemic – migrant workers who

God's plan for our lives
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God’s PLAN A to your prayers

Sometimes I find it hard to write about a story in my life. I struggle to be vulnerable when things are hard and happening furiously around

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