The most important characteristic of a good leader

the most important characteristic of a good leader

We all have influence. Whether you want it or not, someone somewhere is watching you and being pushed in a certain direction because of you. According to John Maxwell, ‘Leadership is Influence’, and since we all have influence, we all, somehow, fall under the category of ‘leaders’. At least, I think, that’s what John Maxwell […]

Choosing God over the counterfeit

choosing God over the counterfeit

There’s this story in the Bible about the earliest years of the people of Israel. They had the World-Maker protecting them, providing for them; they were recovering from their past as slaves, thriving and conquering. They had walked through a split sea and seen God come to guide them as a pillar of fire, had […]

The message of this world is that you are not happy

this world is all about us

“Here’s something I want to expose as much as I can. What you are being pelted with all day long is your own unhappiness. Did you know about that? Everybody trying to get you to buy their product is selling to you that you’re not happy. Every image you see on a magazine, every commercial, […]


therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1

You messed up again didn’t you? Even after you promised you wouldn’t? Even after you said this time would be different? You fell again! I’m disappointed. I am your God and I am disappointed in you. You said you’d obey me this time. You said you’d be more loving. You said you’d be stronger. You […]

Building altars in the hard times

building altars in difficult times

How do you survive the desert? When you feel like God is dragging you on a wild goose chase? When the only thing getting you through each day is you telling yourself that there’s a purpose for all of it, but you still find that ‘finally’ is another step away even though you thought you could almost […]

Happy new day of January to you

Happy new year

“New Year, New Me” “2018 was rough, but I’m leaving all that negativity behind.” “2019 is going to be the year I get fit” “I am going to get over it this year and going to be happy.” “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be nicer, wiser and more loving.” The last day of 2018 found […]

What does PEACE on earth mean to you?

peace on earth and goodwill to all men

“Peace on earth, and goodwill to all men.” So many of us have heard these words ring in our ears every Christmas. These are the words the angels said to shepherds when Jesus was born – “peace on earth, and goodwill to all men.” We have heard these words hidden in carols, we’ve heard preachers read […]

Would you take this gift from me?

take this gift from God

The story of Jesus coming isn’t a pretty ‘Christian’ story. It’s not prim, proper or ideal when we think about kings and what they deserve. Not the manger nor the virgin. Not the myrrh. It’s not some story meant for Christians alone, for the ones who know the story by heart. It’s not merely for the ones […]

The inconvenience of Christmas

The inconvenience of Christmas

I’ve been thinking about the story of Mary this Christmas season. I wonder how inconvenient God’s will in Mary’s life must have been. Do you ever feel like that? Like God shows up or calls you into something, and it just doesn’t look the way you imagined it, expected it, and definitely not how you desired […]

Who is Justus from the Bible?

who is Justus in the Bible?

“After Jesus left, the ones who were following Him decided they needed to add another apostle to replace the ‘bad’ Judas. The requirements were pretty straightforward: the replacement needed to have been with Jesus the whole time He was here, and he had to be a stand-up guy too. There were two guys the apostles […]