therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1

You messed up again didn’t you? Even after you promised you wouldn’t? Even after you said this time would be different? You fell again! I’m disappointed. I am your God and I am disappointed in you. You said you’d obey me this time. You said you’d be more loving. You said you’d be stronger. You […]

Would you take this gift from me?

The story of Jesus coming isn’t a pretty ‘Christian’ story. It’s not prim, proper or ideal when we think about kings and what they deserve. Not the manger nor the virgin. Not the myrrh. It’s not some story meant for Christians alone, for the ones who know the story by heart. It’s not merely for the ones […]

The inconvenience of Christmas

I’ve been thinking about the story of Mary this Christmas season. I wonder how inconvenient God’s will in Mary’s life must have been. Do you ever feel like that? Like God shows up or calls you into something, and it just doesn’t look the way you imagined it, expected it, and definitely not how you desired […]

Give up your crumbs

It was just another tiring Monday at work. All the employees at our company (that’s three people in all), were hitting roadblocks in our work and so the boss decided that we’d all go out for some samosas and chai. One would have to be a fool to say no to that suggestion and so, off […]

You are going to lose

Very often, we set out to do something good, something great for God and for ourselves, and we realize that while we’re at it, we start facing challenges. And very often, these challenges don’t seem like they have anything to do with what we’ve set out to do. Do not be surprised. Because you need […]

Whatever happens I need to avoid this mistake

“Whatever happens, I need to avoid this mistake! I need to make sure that I never reach the state he is in right now. What a fool! He totally deserves it. He could’ve escaped this fate so easily – all he had to do was keep his mouth shut. But no, fools just can’t keep […]

Your unhappiness is because you are LISTENING to yourself

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? -Psalm 42:5a Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself? Take those thoughts that come to you the moment you wake up […]

Dig in – Tips for Studying the Word

I don’t think we place enough value on reading the Bible. There. I said it. I think we like the thought of reading the Bible but it intimidates us to just dig in and figure it out. Excuses would be: “I don’t have enough time.” “The Old Testament freaks me out.” “I don’t understand it.” […]

The Boy and the Bicycle

“I want it. I want it so bad. Please get it for me”, he pleaded, his voice bubbling with excitement. The little boy’s father looked at the joy in his son’s eyes, and his heart melted. The boy struggled to stand still at his father’s side, his gaze darting back and forth between his father […]

The Prodigal Mother

As part of the Little More Love team, we visit patients who have been affected by cancer once a month. Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to sing, dance and paint with children who have cancer, and it’s been an incredible blessing. The thing about playing with these children is that apart from the IV […]