April 2, 2019

You messed up again didn’t you?

Even after you promised you wouldn’t?

Even after you said this time would be different?

You fell again!

I’m disappointed.

I am your God and I am disappointed in you.

You said you’d obey me this time.

You said you’d be more loving.

You said you’d be stronger.

You said you’d be more patient, more kind.

You said you’d be more faithful.

You promised you wouldn’t let the addiction overtake you.

You promised you’d have better self control.

Was it all a lie?

Can you do anything right?

Do you really delight in lies that much?

It sure seems like you do.

After all I’ve done for you, this is what you choose to do?

Disobey me? Spit on my face? Let me down?

I’m disappointed in you.

I am angry at you.

I am your God, and you have let me down again.

Oh, feeling guilty now? Are you planning to make another resolution? Another re-dedication of your life?

Another time of seeking forgiveness?

How cheap do you think forgiveness is? Do you even remember the price that was paid for it?

You really think you can keep crawling back and everything will be okay everytime?

Just like the last time?

No, not going to happen!

You’re weak, and you don’t even try.

You have no self control. You only live to hurt others. You only live to break promises. To cheat, to lie.

You only live to hurt me; to hurt others.

I should know, I am your God.

But I regret it.

Go ahead, pick yourself up. Take that second chance once more. You know you don’t deserve it, but go ahead.

Take your grace; grace that you so desperately need.

I hope you don’t disappoint me this time.

Atleast try not to.

But do not forget, that I am your God.

You made me your God.

You did this.



therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1
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