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A way out of difficult situations
They said it

A way out of difficult situations

Ever heard of the Greek word – ekbasis? It’s a military term that’s used in a situation when an army is trapped in an ambush.

Remembrance - Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead

Zikaron – Remembrance

The fever has worsened. My nights are restless. I keep waking up every few hours, sweaty and cold. Yesterday, my sister told me I was

miraculous healing

My daughter was healed miraculously

I was born in a nominal Christian home that went to church only on Christmas or Easter. I attended Sunday school and VBS as a child. We

They said it

The lessons we can learn from our skin

Bioengineers use the word compliancy to describe a material’s capacity to mold to the shape of another surface, and human skin exhibits this quality remarkably

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