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On God's shoulders you are the giant. David and Goliath
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How to face your giants

Many of us admire the story of David and Goliath. We read it and are amazed at how a tiny little boy, with just a

peeling the layers of your mind
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Peeling the layers

Ever since I decided I believed in Jesus and relinquished control of ‘my plan,’ I struggled with the fear that God wasn’t for me. I

Dealing with difficult people
They said it

Dealing with trolls in your life

We actually build castles all the time, out of our jobs and our families and the things we’ve purchased. Sometimes we even make them out

You will never win

You’ll never win

Look at you, trying to dream big. You think no one’s tried this before? You think you can be better than the others? Look at

Hamsa and Timothy
They said it

When everyone looks for the drone…

Recently, I attended a friend’s wedding reception with my sister and some of her friends. I love weddings because they mean amazing free food and

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