When the enemy fights you with discouragement, do not worry

fighting against discouragement

Several months ago I was dealing with the crippling weight of discouragement. It came out of nowhere (and was honestly something I never thought I would battle with) and it began bleeding into everything – my work, my relationships, my self-worth, and morale. The thoughts were pretty irrational but I believed them. I ate those […]

Dealing with trolls in your life

We actually build castles all the time, out of our jobs and our families and the things we’ve purchased. Sometimes we even make them out of each other. Some of these castles are impressive too. Lots of people come to  admire what we’ve built over the course of our lives and tell us what great […]

You’ll never win

Look at you, trying to dream big. You think no one’s tried this before? You think you can be better than the others? Look at you, trying to change the world.  Ha! Don’t you remember what you’ve done, though? Don’t you remember the horrible things you’ve done?  The lies you told, the people you stabbed […]

When everyone looks for the drone…

Recently, I attended a friend’s wedding reception with my sister and some of her friends. I love weddings because they mean amazing free food and are a reason to celebrate, but also because, for many people, they double up as reunions of sorts. It was a lot of fun catching up with people I hadn’t […]

The man whose disease made him happy

“Later that day I visited Sadan, another of Brand’s former patients. He looked like a miniature version of Gandhi: skinny, balding perched cross-legged on the edge of a bed. In a high-pitched, singsong voice, he told me wrenching stories of past rejection: the classmates who made fun of him in school, the driver who kicked […]

Happy new day of January to you

“New Year, New Me” “2018 was rough, but I’m leaving all that negativity behind.” “2019 is going to be the year I get fit” “I am going to get over it this year and going to be happy.” “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be nicer, wiser and more loving.” The last day of 2018 found […]

What does PEACE on earth mean to you?

“Peace on earth, and goodwill to all men.” So many of us have heard these words ring in our ears every Christmas. These are the words the angels said to shepherds when Jesus was born – “peace on earth, and goodwill to all men.” We have heard these words hidden in carols, we’ve heard preachers read […]

Would you take this gift from me?

The story of Jesus coming isn’t a pretty ‘Christian’ story. It’s not prim, proper or ideal when we think about kings and what they deserve. Not the manger nor the virgin. Not the myrrh. It’s not some story meant for Christians alone, for the ones who know the story by heart. It’s not merely for the ones […]

The inconvenience of Christmas

I’ve been thinking about the story of Mary this Christmas season. I wonder how inconvenient God’s will in Mary’s life must have been. Do you ever feel like that? Like God shows up or calls you into something, and it just doesn’t look the way you imagined it, expected it, and definitely not how you desired […]

Your map is different

Honesty moment: It’s really hard to look at the journey of other people and not compare it to your own. I’ve been subject to that weird feeling for a couple of months that forms in the gut when I pop onto Instagram or Facebook and suddenly feel myself sinking into self-doubt. I start unraveling and […]