All the world marvels at the Genesis, the harmony of the Architect’s hand and the Painter’s’ skill,

but people fail to see Your grief over what You would give up.

When You stretched out Your hand and separated the water from land,

did you see the separation of Your most beloved creation rejecting You in all Your glory?

When You created the lush trees of all fruits, in all its beauty,

did you see the tree on which would hang Your only Son?

When you laid the solid foundations of the universe,

did You hear the groans of Your Son as He was laid and nailed on that cross?

When Noah sent out his dove,

did You see that this would be the way You would touch the very flesh of Your Son?

When you laid out the constellations in their place,

did you see the scars and wounds on the body of Your Son?

When You clothed Adam and Eve,

did you shed a tear knowing that the sins of the world would inevitably be placed on the head of Your only beloved.

Standing at the advent of time, did You see me, in all of my imperfection?

And did you point Your finger out and say, “Yes, it was all for you.”

Even when I fail a thousand times and more, Genesis in its entirety contains within its boundaries, the grief of all the world;

and yet He stood, at the advent of time, in the formless void;

He saw it all and said, “it is good.”

– David Rosario

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. - Genesis 1:3
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2 Responses

  1. This really really moved me!

    So so proud of you David for sharing ♥️

    And thank you awe and wonder for making this available to so many people

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