What if we did this everyday? A little experiment

June 1, 2020

Hi there.

Here’s an experiment I’d like you to try out.

Try going over the events of this day, from the time you woke up, to this very moment when you are reading this post.

Do you remember getting out of bed?

Were you grumpy? Were you sleepy? Were you happy, hopeful and joyful?

Let’s stop right there because I want to tell you something. When you woke up, and responded to the start of the day in whatever way you did, God was there…in your room, right next to you.

Let’s move on.

Remember when you had breakfast? And you loved it? And you gave thanks for how delicious it was

Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe it wasn’t your most favorite breakfast. Maybe it was overcooked, or bland or tasteless. And you grumbled.

Guess what? God was there, listening to you. The God of the universe was right next to you.

Remember as you drove through traffic, and somebody cut you off? Or someone in front of you was driving too slow? Or maybe you jumped a signal and got caught by the cops. Or maybe you yelled at someone on the road today.

Well, the God who loves you was there, sitting in your car, right next to you.

What about when you want to work? Or school? Or college? How was your day?

How did you respond to every single thing that happened to you. How did you respond to the good things, and the bad things?

The moments you enjoyed, the moments you expressed gratitude, the moments you grumbled and complained, and the moments you were probably even numb.

The truth is still this – the God of the universe, the God who loves you, was there.

Now think about this.

How different do you think your day would’ve looked like if you remembered this? If you made it a practice to remember that at every moment of the day, God is with you?

Sitting by your bed side when you wake up, at the dining table when you eat, sitting next to you when you drive, in the chair opposite you when you work or study; in every single moment, how differently would you respond or behave knowing that the all powerful and all loving God is present?

Your day looks quite different, doesn’t it?

What if we did this everyday.

What if we took it upon ourselves to remember that in everything – every single little thing – He is with us? Would it not transform us completely?

Think about it – how different would your life look if you could remember that God is with you, even right now.

Because He is.

Here’s a cover of Audrey Assad’s song – I SHALL NOT WANT, sung by Sushmita Majumdar. We pray it blesses you.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. - Colossians 3:17
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