God’s rescue plan – grace in the midst of judgement

March 23, 2020

You probably already know the Biblical account of creation that is recorded in Genesis. Even if you don’t, I’m glad you’re here. Here’s some context if you’re up for a quick read.

You know how God created the universe, then placed man and woman on the earth to rule over creation. He created them in HIS image, which had to do with their identity, role and purpose. They were created to be reflections of His good character.

You’ve read how God entrusted all the world into their hands, giving them authority and responsibility, and everything they wanted. God blessed them to build, and they were to rule, and give way to more beauty and flourishing.

He also gave them a choice, because He loved them, and love isn’t really love without the possibility of a choice.

That choice was represented by the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil.

The humans had a choice – look around, see the world in all it’s beauty, understand God’s good character and His love for them and the world, and trust God’s definition of what was good and evil, or they could disobey God, and define good and evil for themselves.

The stakes were high, and to turn away from God, the giver or life, meant purposefully choosing death.

But we all know what happens in the story.

The serpent convinces them to disobey God, and there is a tear in the fabric of creation.

God’s good creation is invaded by sin, and the universe shudders.

The humans choose death. Darkness wins. And God, because He is rightfully just is angry.

This was a rebellion that had cosmic consequences.

And so, God does what He has to, because of His character and His desire for justice – He pronounces judgement.

He tells the humans the consequences of their actions – work, that was meant to be a delight, will be toilsome now, women will bear children in pain, and the final state of every human body will be death.

But even as He is pronouncing judgement, He tells the serpent (the embodiment of evil), that despite its apparent victory, it’s final destiny will be that of defeat, and that evil will be destroyed.

He makes a promise that one day, a descendant of the woman will come to deliver a blow to evil – and although it will come at a heavy price, man and woman will be rescued through the descendant.

We see this promise fulfilled in Jesus.

But what’s so amazing here is that in the midst of God’s judgement, He still gives a promise of grace.

And this is important, because the humans have just rebelled. God has loved them and given them everything and they have practically done worse than spitting into His face.

But even in His anger, God acts out of grace.

He tells them there is a plan of rescue, and that they will not be abandoned to die forever.

Even in the face of absolute betrayal, He is working to save His people, the very people that went against Him.

God’s heart, even at the destruction of everything He’s done, is to love His people back to life.

God’s heart, even though YOU may have gone against Him, is still to love you back to Him.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone. You may have been the worst human on the planet, and it’s still not going to change God’s heart.

He acts out of love. He carries out the rescue plan. He saves.

Here’s a cover of Matt Redman’s son – You Alone Can Rescue, sung by Theajus Moses, Titus Moses, Mervyn Matthew & Nestin. We pray it blesses you.

"He delivers and rescues and performs signs and wonders In heaven and on earth, Who has also delivered Daniel from the power of the lions." - Daniel 6:27
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