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The most delicious meal

May 4, 2020

“Yum!” he exclaimed, feeling the cool milk run down his throat and into his stomach. The sweetness, flavor and temperature were just perfect – just what he desired and required.

He looked into his glass and could see through it. The milk was over and a soft contented smile spread across his face. This was just the beginning of his meal.

The starters were next. Delicious, scrumptious fried and baked goodies – far more than he’d imagined. He picked them up one at a time and bit into them. The crunch was a delight to hear. He relished the texture and taste as he hungrily ate them all. The starters hit just the right spot.

Then came the main course. Ah, the main course. Just a glimpse of it caused his mouth to water like a greedy puppy. He could smell the delicate aromas of the spices and herbs that had been added in perfect harmony. He sensed just how much effort and love had gone into cooking it – a meal fit for royalty.

It only got better as he took a mouthful.

The flavours exploded in his mouth, the morsels danced on his tongue. a symphony of culinary mastery in every single bite.

And still, it did not end.

He thought he was full, but one look at the dessert and the feeling of being too stuffed to try it seemed ridiculous to him.

He grabbed a spoon and dug in. He was right – he’d have regretted it forever if he had missed this. The sweetness was to die for. He ate the dessert like a starving prisoner, as though he hadn’t just had a whole meal. Yet, at the same time, he savored every bite like it was going to be his last.

At last, he was done. He had had his fill. It had been perfect. Every portion, every bite had left him in a state of wonder. He sat there in awe having finished his meal. He was satiated, and it was time to get up.

So he closed his Bible, filled with strength for the day, and he proceeded to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast.

Here’s a cover of Nicole Mullen’s song, Redeemer, sung by Niviya Vas. We pray it blesses you

Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. - John 6:35

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