While you are waiting…

November 29, 2016

I know sometimes it feels impossible that you’re going to find the purpose God has set for you.

And I know it sounds funny that it seems impossible when we are just in our early twenties or so; but when you feel unworthy, you feel unworthy.

For years you play catch up. You want to be at the same page as seemingly everyone else our age.
You try to fit into moulds not meant for you. You are like the puzzle piece that wanted to complete the picture but the space you crammed yourself into was never a fit.

You spend a lot of thinking, a feeling of belonging and companionship wouldn’t happen, not for you.

You chase after people and things  and break your own heart with expectation.
Being by yourself isn’t necessarily hard for you but imagining a day that someone would love you fully, all of you, is.

That’s hard to choke out.
There are moments where you feel startlingly and anxiously aware that you are not deserving of unconditional love and that you fall short of perfection.

And some days we continue  live in that right?
Waiting is hard, and it is so easy to just lose hope and give up.

But remember today and every single day hereafter;
You are whole. You are complete.
You are so lovable and more importantly, Jesus is so faithful.

His timing is perfect.
His anthem is mercy.
His love language is truth telling.
He is a refiner and a healer and a promise keeper.
And He longs for you to live your days to the fullest until your days run out
He’s going to help you give your heart away  until it  stops beating
You can put your faith and trust in love,
He never fails.

Repeating that for good measure;
He never ever fails. 

Don’t convince yourself that the good He promised isn’t coming.
And don’t miss out on the fact He’s waiting to give you His immeasurably more because you’re too busy running at the thought that He isn’t going to follow through.

Whether your waiting for the relationship, job, the acceptance letter, the degree,the fiancé, the reconciliation, the best friend, the healing in the broken pieces of your family, the call back…wait just a little longer. 

And I hope you know that when you do believe and wait, you’ll remember all those years you asked God, “Why do I have to wait? Why not now?”

And it’s only then that you’ll thank Him for saving the good things.

Because the things He gives us are always better than the things we ask for.

Here’s to believing; here’s to staying and patience and beating the doubts that bully us out into the lonely.
There’s an immeasurably more coming.

Live in that promise today.

And now Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You - Psalm 39:7

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