Who am I?

November 3, 2016

Who am I?

How did all this happen? How did I become this person? Why did I become this person? It makes no sense anymore. How could I think it was worth it? How could I think it was worth betraying Him for thirty pieces of silver! How could I think it was worth getting innocent blood on my hands…

Who am I?

“Traitor”, they call me. Is that what I am? “Cheat”, they call me, for they knew what I was doing with the money people gave us. But I’m no cheat, no! I was only being smarter than them.

He was always so good – helping people, healing them, teaching them. He was so good to us. But he never listened to me. He didn’t take any of my suggestions. Did I betray him? No! He betrayed me!

He called me ‘friend’, but never did what I asked Him to do.

I didn’t mean to betray Him. But they were so convincing. They said they wouldn’t hurt Him. They said all I had to do was point them to who He is. They said the money would be good.

But it haunts me now. It speaks to me. It whispers out my name and tells me what I’ve done. I feel it in my soul, slowly causing me to rot from within. I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. All day long I can only think about what I have done. And I can’t live this way anymore…

Who am I? A traitor? A cheat? A liar and a thief?

Who am I?




I am YOU

Beware of no man more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us - Charles Spurgeon

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