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How could You forget, God?

How could You forget, God?

How could you forget God? How could YOU forget? You, who are omnipotent? You, who are all-knowing? All powerful? All wise? You, who know the universe, atom by atom? How

therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus Romans 8:1


You messed up again didn’t you? Even after you promised you wouldn’t? Even after you said this time would be different? You fell again! I’m

peeling the layers of your mind
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Peeling the layers

Ever since I decided I believed in Jesus and relinquished control of ‘my plan,’ I struggled with the fear that God wasn’t for me. I

Happy new year
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Happy new day of January to you

“New Year, New Me” “2018 was rough, but I’m leaving all that negativity behind.” “2019 is going to be the year I get fit” “I

take this gift from God
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Would you take this gift from me?

The story of Jesus coming isn’t a pretty ‘Christian’ story. It’s not prim, proper or ideal when we think about kings and what they deserve. Not the

Nestin Vas Justice Ventures Awe and Wonder

Panic mode ON

Last year, I had the opportunity to work on a fundraiser 5km run for Justice Ventures, an organization that works to combat human trafficking and bonded

who is Justus in the Bible?
They said it

Who is Justus from the Bible?

“After Jesus left, the ones who were following Him decided they needed to add another apostle to replace the ‘bad’ Judas. The requirements were pretty

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