The Invitation

July 7, 2020

It burns. Hurts. Destroys.

This fire is different
I watch people as it rests on them.
It burns
But does not consume
It lights
But does not harm
It is hot
But does not destroy

Something stirs.
Something I haven’t felt before.
Deep within my being
I feel a moving.

Such a strange feeling
Such a new emotion
It’s joy and peace
It’s love and hope

How can I feel all this at once?
I gradually crawl out of the shadows
What is this fire?

Why would it come here?
To this dark space?
To this evil person?

But I walk
Calculating every step
Wary that this fire might kill me

But it is my only hope.
My only way out of this failure.
I invite this fire

Surprise fills me
All it required was an invitation
No begging, no exchanging
No motives, no hidden agenda.

Just a simple invitation.


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